New Single “My Moon is a Street Light” is out now

My moon is a streetlight
The eye of my sacrifice
I’ve got nothing to justify
In the middle of nothing’s right
— M. Lindblom, My Moon is a Street Light

June 19th, Stockholm — Mattias Lindblom, leader of the famous Swedish electronic band Vacuum released “My Moon is a Street Light”, a song created in unique collaboration with the indie jazz musician Martin Hall. Alongside it, Lindblom unveiled the official video filmed during the period of restrictions on the streets of Stockholm at nighttime. The video premiered today on Youtube. It was shot at a safe social distance and features Lindblom himself as well as his friend, the Australian singer and artist Tania Doko dancing on the streets of Stockholm.

The song born on the verge of electronica and art rock has a strong industrial flavor. It was mixed by producer and sound engineer Stefan Glaumann, known for his work with Rammstein and Lindemann. It will be released via Ildar Bakeev Music and be available on all streaming platforms. 

my moon is a street light

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“My Moon is a Street Light” is a reflection on the human reaction in these times, challenging the world today, sparked by the pandemic. In a way, it is an observation on humanity’s ability to transform and reassess values. “COVID-19 is a spotlight revealing so many things that had been invisible or simply ignored before. So much is coming to the surface and demands to be dealt with. The instinct is to run, escape and go back to what was. But that cannot be. We cannot hide from what matters anymore. This is a moment to identify what we want to return to, and what we do not want to keep. “My Moon is a Street Light” is but an empathic gesture, through the art of music, that contrary to the character in the video suggests, states simply, you are not alone,” Mattias explains. 

He stresses that these times made clear how connected we are. “No man is an island? If we ever needed proof of that, COVID-19 showed it with its bright rays of searchlight. The digital world and digitalisation of society are great tools, but it is not the only way of life. At best a halting substitute to human interactions. Avatars are fun, but if you want to know me, we should meet as we are, not as replicas of the avatars we create. It is wonderful to listen to a song online, but if an artist sings it to you live, nothing compares to that magic. In these peculiar times, we’ve managed quite well to find some kind of normal but honestly, I can’t wait to get back to what’s real.”     

Mattias Lindblom and Martin Hall met by chance in a studio on the island of Mallorca some time ago. Together with other musicians they worked on the creation of a soundtrack for one of the popular computer games. Lindblom and Hall had not previously met, but quickly realised that they synced musically. They wrote the song and recorded it there in a few hours, but never released it. “The song hadn’t found its time at that time. Now it has,” Mattias says. 

Mattias Lindblom is a Swedish singer, writer, poet and music composer/producer. He’s the leader of the famous band Vacuum together with long time collaborator Anders Wollbeck, which gained worldwide popularity with the hits “I Breathe” and “Let the Mountain Come to Me” to name but a few. Since the early 2000’s, he’s been active as songwriter and producer for international pop and rock stars, film industry as well as composing and writing an upcoming musical together with his friend Edvard Radzinsky. Mattias has been involved in over 100 different music releases including work for Garou, Tarja Turunen, upcoming work from Andy Taylor (Duran Duran, The Power Station), Geri Halliwell, Tina Arena, etc.

Martin Hall is a skilled musician, composer and music producer residing in the small village of Ljungskile on the west coast of Sweden. Since 2004 he’s been a touring musician with several Swedish indie pop acts — Fibes Oh Fibes and José González to mention a few. Nowadays he is working mostly from his studio where he writes scores for TV, film and computer games (Cities Skylines, Stellaris). He is currently working on his debut solo album, soon to be released under his full name Lars Martin Hall.